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TOTA Early Childhood Education Campus – Le Petit Gan International Preschool is now open for enrollment

New inspiring Torah Talk | 11-20-2020 | Relearning Compassionate Cooperation
Rabbi's Shabbat Message 11_20_2020 | Relearning Compassionate Cooperation
Relearning Compassionate Cooperation Listen to Rabbi Baron’s message on how great kindness, love and compassion have the capacity to reconcile people despite their differences - inspired by how Isaac reunited his sons Esau and Jacob, through forgiveness, support and encouragement for the God-given talents they possess. This message also inspires us to bring forth the light of compassion and decency in this world, to reconcile our differences as a nation, and act from a place of love, acceptance and understanding. Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Baron's Torah Talk 11-06-20
Rabbi's Torah Talk. Listen to Rabbi Baron’s message on following in the footsteps of Abraham and mimicking his missional work and heroism. When we reach those around us with the truths of God, our life leaves a lasting legacy. Shabbat Shalom
Full Shabbat Service 11-06-20
Full Shabbat Service 11-06-20
Rabbi Baron's Torah Talk 10-30-20
Listen to Rabbi Baron’s message on the impact Abraham had as the great patriarch in demonstrating the kind of humanity to strive for. Learn about the concept of “being a blessing” to humanity as part of our mission. We are challenged to demand justice as our responsibility to the Abrahamic legacy which sets the standard on how each of us should be treated. Shabbat Shalom!

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Passover 2021

07:00 pm

High Holidays at Temple of the Arts
Rabbi David Baron’s Yom Kippur Sermon 2020
Yom Kippur Sermon 2020
Rabbi David Baron's Kol Nidre Sermon 2020
Rabbi David Baron's Kol Nidre Yom Kippur 5781/2020 Sermon at Temple of the Arts.
Concluding Neilah Yom Kippur Services 5781/2020
Watch as Temple of the Arts' Rabbi David Baron, Music Director Sharon Farber, and Cantors Ilysia Pierce and Jordan Bennett conduct the concluding services and the final shofar blast in the Neilah portion of Yom Kippur services for 5781/2020.
Kol Nidre Yom Kippur 5781/2020 Services at Temple of the Arts
Watch and listen to the Kol Nidre "all vows" service that begins Yom Kippur, with Rabbi David Baron and Music Director Sharon Farber leading Cantors Ilysia Pierce and Jordan Bennett through the recitations.
Watch our 5781/2020 Rosh Hashana Service Here
Watch the Rosh Hashana morning services from Saturday, Sept. 19. Join Rabbi Baron, Cantors Ilysia Pierce and Jordan Bennett under Music Director Sharon Farber for a lively welcome to the new year.
Watch a Recording of the 5781/2020 Erev Rosh Hashana Service Here
We've recorded the livestream of our marvelous High Holy Day services from our Saban Theatre sanctuary stage. Click on the arrow to watch Erev Rosh Hashana services from Sept. 18, 2020.
Torah Talk: From Generation to Generation
Watch and listen as Rabbi Baron analyzes the Torah portion containing Moses' final farewell speech to the Jewish people, and how he meant to extend that message of learning to every generation. Hear how making good choices is one of the fundamental beliefs in Judaism.


TOTA has a variety of memberships designed to match your individual interests and lifestyle.

By holding any type of membership here, you are invited to experience the High Holy Days in our beautiful Art Deco temple for no additional cost.  Our magnificent High Holy Day observances feature the soul-warming voices of Cantors Ilysia Pierce and Jordan Bennett, our phenomenal choir, special guest artists, and performers, all guided by Music Director Sharon Farber.

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About the Temple

Experience Religion Through the Arts

The Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts (TOTA) offers a unique, contemporary approach to engaging with Judaism through music, dance, drama, and film. For nearly 30 years, we have welcomed people of all backgrounds to gather and share values that transcend any religious or cultural boundary. Our congregation believes in the power of art to connect us all — a belief we have spread across the city of Los Angeles and beyond.

At TOTA, we harness creativity to explore the past, present, and future of Jewish life. Through magical performances and presentations orchestrated by the visionary Rabbi David Baron, thought leaders of every faith and culture can share their insights with the world. We create original music, art, and meditation prayer books, and host independent films, concerts, and engaging readings, helping our community interpret life and spirituality through the lens of art. When you enter the historic, Art Deco Temple of the Arts, you will discover:

– Internationally-recognized authors, singers, musicians, and speakers.

– A diverse, educated, and enthusiastic congregation.

– Breathtaking architecture and original design.

– Exclusive access to theater events and community and temple activities.

Experience Temple of the Arts today for an incredible blend of religion, art, and uplifting music.


Rabbi David Baron


A New York Times bestselling author, Rabbi Baron wrote the timeless business ethics and guidance volume “Moses on Management: 50 Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Manager of All Time.” A leader in our community, he believes in the power of art and religion to bring people together.

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MAN/KIND Project Distributes 1,000th #CovidKindness Bag to Local Homeless and Other Vulnerable Populations

Temple of the Arts supports www.themankindproject.org in delivering food and meals to those in need. On behalf of TOTA and the Man/Kind project, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for all your donations to the Man/Kind COVID-19 #CovidKindness campaign that supplies crucial items to elderly, infirm, homeless and First Responders.

The temple has been crucial to the success of other outreach -- whether it is fighting anti-Semitism, or the new fight that has united us -- the fight against this killer virus.

Notes From Our Members: Expressing Gratitude for Our High Holy Days Services

From Barbra Night:
"Our family, Errol, Chloe, Leon, and I really enjoyed the services. We figured out how to screen on our huge television so it was even more spectacular to watch. But more importantly even is always that supreme effort you make to ensure that our Temple of the Arts Is the most inspirational and enjoyable experience for each of us. We are truly lucky for your inventive leadership year after year, and on a last note, the music was divine."

From Jim and Darolyn Ross:
"We must congratulate you for the extraordinary efforts that went into making this service such a meaningful event despite the challenges of the COVID virus. While we would have loved to be present as usual, we found the streaming service to be every bit as moving and inspirational as a live event. This, of course, was due to your amazing gifts as well as those of our world class musicians. Please accept our most enthusiastic thanks for making this a Rosh Hashanah to be remembered and cherished."

From Cynthia Berchan:
"As usual, your knowledge and warmth provided us with sustenance for the New Year!"

From One of the Temple's Biggest Fans:
"I wanted to thank you for all your joint efforts and congratulate you on your virtual services.
It was, obviously, not the warm, communal feeling, but it was such a comfort! I read my prayer book and tapped my foot to the music.
Mrs. Baron and the young lady singing were just perfect -- different generations passing the songs forward. Our cantors and music director sounded in great voice. Do thank your colleagues. They all made a difference and I so appreciate it."

Join Us Online for a Prerecorded Shabbat Service

You can join Rabbi David Baron online to observe the Shabbat anywhere that you can access the internet. “We're not here together with one another physically filling our beautiful Temple home, the Saban Theatre, but we're still together emotionally and spiritually,” Rabbi Baron says. “Someone said that somebody you love can be thousands of miles away, but you feel that powerful connection and bond as if they were sitting right next to you.” Watch Rabbi David Baron’s inspiring message from a timeless Shabbat service with Cantor Ilysia Pierce and Music Director Sharon Farber.

In Sympathy


Our condolences go out to the passing of member Lya Cordoba Latta, who was one of the founders of Theater 40.


We offer our sympathy to the family sustaining member Dave Alpert, husband of Meryl, beloved brother, dad and grandpa.


Our condolences also go out to the family and friends of Harry Morton.


Our condolences to the family and friends of Max Ramberg.


Our sympathy to the family and friends of Joe Smith.


We offer Steve Tisch and family sympathy for the loss of their beloved daughter Hilary.

“May God comfort you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.”